Beams Plus Cotton Inkjet Mapping Embroidery Boat Jacket Khaki

by Beams Plus


Embroidering using injection mapping

<BEAMS PLUS> boat jacket updated with modern pocketwork and embroidery based on a vintage cotton blouson from the 1960s.

■  The front section has a pocket design, and there are also two pockets on the inside. The hem has a strap and drawstring that fastens with a button, allowing you to change the silhouette. The embroidery part is called "inkjet mapping", and after embroidering with white thread, multicolor inkjet printing is applied to enable complex coloring. The color of the embroidery is based on the international signal flag motif used on ships with a marine taste in mind. The spacing of the embroidery is designed with a classic wide pitch.

A silhouette with a little room in the width of the body. It is possible to coordinate a layered style without stress.

Uses cotton twill material with a sense of firmness and a polyurethane blend. The dull pink is based on the image of "Nantucket Red," which is derived from New York's prestigious yacht club, which is indispensable for prep style.