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Comme Des Garçons Incense Series 3 : Incense Jaisalmer 40 Sticks

by Comme des Garçons parfums

355.00TL JSM-E4

For over 5000 years people all over the world have been burning incense in order to honour their ancestors, purify the air, symbolize the ascent of a payer, induce a meditative frame of mind, accompany a ritual, or simply to make one feel positive. Series 3 Incense Jaisalmer Sticks from the Comme des Garcons parfum collection. Series 3 Incense Jaisalmer: To make one dream of or remember a spiritual journey across the world to the desert plains of Jaisalmer in India. The caravanserai laden with spices and jewels crosses the dry arid plains of Jaisalmer, a maharaja's regal scent. Composition : - Cardamon - Incense - Cinnamon - Amber - Benzoin - Pimento - Berries - Gaiac Wood - Ebony