The name Mykita is derived from a former children’s day care, called Kita in German. This not only inspired the name behind the brand but also the culture of curiosity and creation. Mykita was created by Moritz Kruger, Phillip Haffmans and Harald Gottschling in Berlin, Germany in 2003. Having no manufacturer for the designs, the co-founders set up an in house production centred integrative space. All of the sunglasses that have been designed are made and have been assembled by hand in Berlin, together with modified new technologies with developing their own tools and processes. In 2004, Mykita brought out their first metal frame range called the No. 1 Collection. The designs of these sunglasses used in this collection were made by rustproof steel, without the use of hinges or without any welding points. Straight after the first collection the No. 2 collection was released. In this collection, the range included frames that were made by acetate and provided both optic and sunglasses models. In progressing times the Lite, Decode, and Luxe series were released. The sunglasses in the Lite collection only consisted of 3 pieces and are extremely thin and lightweight.