Comme des Garçons Parfums PERFUME ARCHITECTURE Amazingreen 50ml

by Comme des Garçons parfums


Limited edition perfumes. Lindy Foss-Quillet and Frederic Couderc explore new dimensional concepts around three Comme des Garçons classics. Fred Couderc is a carpenter and has worked with Comme des Garçons in the constructions of many of its spaces and installations. Lindy is both a painter and a perfume connoisseur. She coordinated the color choices and the finishing touches to the different materials chosen by Fred. Amazingreen: A blast of green energy. An evocation of the lush exuberance of nature. A fusion of green notes and gunpowder Palm tree leaves, Green Pepper, Dew Mist, Jungle Leaves, Ivy Leaves, Orris Roots, Coriander Seeds, Silex, Gunpowder Accord, Vetiver, Smoke, White Musk.