Kuon Sakiori Striped Sweatshirt Black

by Kuon


・KUON's standard sweatshirt with sakiori stripe made of yukatas for Sansa Odori
・Sakiori left unsewn to shape a fringe-like form inspired by the hanging obi of the yukata for Sansa Odori
・Slightly shorter length and smart sleeves against the generous shoulder and body width
・Originally knitted ribs.

This sweatshirt fabric is made of 30 count cotton yarn on the front and 10 count thick cotton yarn on the back, and knitted into a pile like a towel, which contains air and makes it comfortable to wear.
It is knitted slowly using a rare vintage knitting machine, resulting in a soft and fluffy texture with a beautiful loop on the reverse side. The material has moderate warmth retention and high water absorbency to prevent stuffiness. By knitting carefully over time, the surface has a dressy look with a little stiffness, while the back side, which touches the skin and determines comfort, is left soft and pleasant to the touch.

Sakiori is a Japanese traditional technique in which cloth is woven with recycled old rags weft against cotton warp. KUON’s Sakiori is made by people with disabilities. Even with their disabiltities, they do their best for making beautiful Sakiori.

100% Cotton, Trim: 98% Cotton / 2% Polyester , Made in Japan