Kuon Salt Shurunk Nylon Coaches Jacket - Sakiori Navy

by Kuon


・The chest switching Sakiori is made of Yukata for Sansa Odori and Onibegie, natural dyed nylon.
・Small collar.
・Drawstring at hem.
・Water-repellent fabric.

Nylon fabric and benzyl alcohol are put together in a liquid flow dyeing machine to cause the fabric to shrink, and the fabric is rubbed to create a rippled surface. The process makes the nylon fibers loose and fuzzy, creating a slippery touch that is unusual for nylon. It is also light, strong and water resistant. 

Sakiori is a Japanese traditional technique in which cloth is woven with recycled old rags weft against cotton warp. KUON’s Sakiori is made by people with disabilities. Even with their disabiltities, they do their best for making beautiful Sakiori.

100% Nylon, Trim 1: 98% Cotton / 2% Polyester, Trim 2: 100% Nylon , Made in Japan

SKU: 114JK04N1F1-78-05