Beams Plus 2 Pleats Inkjet Mapping Embroidery Shorts Cement

by Beams Plus


Embroidering using injection mapping

<BEAMS PLUS> 2-pleat shorts with eye-catching colorful embroidery with a preppy lobster motif.

Classic watch pockets, slanted side pockets, double-welted back pockets and detailed details. The embroidery part is called "inkjet mapping", which is a specification that allows for complex coloring by applying multicolor inkjet printing after embroidering with white thread. The color of the embroidery is based on the international signal flag motif used on ships with a marine taste in mind. The spacing of the embroidery is designed with a classic wide pitch.

The 2 pleats create a relaxed silhouette around the waist, and the hem is gently tapered for a relaxed silhouette. The length is set to about below the knee length.

Uses cotton twill material with a stretchy polyurethane blend. The dull pink is based on the image of “Nantucket Red,” which is derived from New York’s prestigious yacht club, which is indispensable for prep style.