S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Golden Dragon Red

by S.T. Dupont


Created for the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, this collection celebrates the mythical creature as much as S.T. Dupont's craftsmanship. Writing instruments, lighters and cigar accessories reinvent the iconic know-how of the House with the creation of a new dragon scale guilloche. Both steeped in tradition and fiercely modern, three lines make up the Dragon collection: Dragon Red, Dragon Black and Dragon Color Animation. The Dragon Red and Dragon Black lines see S.T. Dupont's iconic products adorned with a dragon inspired by anime and street art. Bursting from a cloud of confetti, it symbolizes the joy and infinite possibilities offered by this new lunar year. Illustrated on the body of the iconic Maxijet, the S.T. Dupont dragon undulates on this burgundy lighter. Associated refills: Red (REF 000434) Black stone (REF 900601)

REF: C16526