Beams Plus Dobby Patchwork Print Short Sleeve Shirt

by Beams Plus


Attractive pattern that combines past archives

Adventure shirt Ⅱ printed in a patchwork style with 40 types of vintage items based on the original fabrics that were developed in <BEAMS PLUS> in the past.

Based on cruiser jackets from the 1930s and 1940s, arranged into a shirt shape. The design features a front yoke with double ventilation from the shoulder to the chest, and a tool pocket and a small pocket that double as a glass holder above the regular pockets.

The slightly longer length and wide width and armholes make it comfortable and relaxing to wear. While leaving the vintage atmosphere, it is summarized in a modern fitting.

Made of polyester material that is light and has excellent moisture absorption and quick drying properties. Inkjet print "Mona Lisa" from <Komatsu Matere> in Ishikawa Prefecture, which can express a rich number of colors of 16.7 million colors, expresses deep and detailed colors. Printed on a dry-touch dobby fabric, it is smooth and comfortable to wear because there are no joints.