Beams Plus Linen Herringbone Military Easy Pants Natural

by Beams Plus

<BEAMS PLUS> easy pants designed with inspiration from U.S.Military pajama pants. The point is the pocket work not found in the original design and the woven linen fabric suitable for the spring and summer seasons.
The waist part has a drawstring specification, so it can be worn like easy pants. Drawstrings are also arranged at the hem, making it possible to change the silhouette. The side slit pockets are lined with zip pockets, and the front and back have been updated to double pocket specifications.
It has a wide silhouette that gives a relaxed feeling from the waist to the hem.
Herringbone material using No. 25 single yarn linen from the lower Nile River, Egypt. Weaving and processing are done in Japan. The fabric has a rough and cool feel, and features a natural texture found in Egyptian linen.