Mozaik Alessi Girotondo Fruit Bowl

by 1290SQM


For this special project in collaboration with Diwergo, a Benefit Company that promotes inclusiveness in all its forms, the 'Girotondo' fruit bowl is customised by the laser engraving of an aphorism. “Spreading words to promote facts”: these are the words of Antonio Giuseppe Malafarina, sole director of Diwergo, who attributes a strong value to aphorisms, as a form of communication able to overturn cliches. Diwergo has chosen the products of ‘Girotondo’ (ring a ring o’roses) family, designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Guido Venturini, to promote messages of inclusiveness and affordability. The purchase of the customised products bearing the theme of inclusion will help spread a culture, a practice, enabling those who purchase these to show that they care about the issue and are willing to share their commitment with others.