The Inoue Brothers Back To Basics T Shirt

by The Inoue Brothers

The Inoue Brothers ... has released a capsule collection of graphic T-shirts from the Tohoku Project.
A few months after the 2011 earthquake, The Inoue Brothers ... went to Tohoku with J2W Crew's Arakawa to start a small factory and graphic T-shirt project. This collection, which was relaunched as the 10th anniversary and further upgraded, is a special blend of organic hemp and organic cotton. As an item to wear in the summer, it is a comfortable material that is addictive.
All the graphics are based on the 2021 Olympics with Corona, and the theme is the revolutionary spirit and power of sports. The collaboration T-shirt series with London-based artist Richard Windsor and the original graphics and message T-shirt of The Inoue Brothers ... Collection of.